Ratting Out Your Vehicle with Maintenance Service and Inspections

A warm and dry rat nest inside the hood

of a car.

Even rats don’t like a lot of rain and seek shelter from the storm. It is always a surprise to look under the hood of a vehicle and  find evidence of rats making a home in your engine  bay. They chew wires, poop all over everything and bring food to their nest to feed their young.

With our Maintenance and Inspection service performed on a regular basis you are know what is going on with your vehicle because our motto is to perform inpsections for safety & maintenace so there are NO surprises. We alternate a in-depth inspection with a basic inspection every six months. We also do brake inspections, suspension inspections, diagnostics, tire rotations and XXX inspections so that you can stay on top of your maintenance and repairs.

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Our Vehicle Maintenance Service Plan