Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection

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In these days of fewer available vehicles you may see a vehicle that looks good both inside and outside. You ask if the seller would be willing to have a pre-purchase inspection and he is happy to do so.

The value of a pre-purchase inspection is good for the seller and the buyer. For the seller a pre-purchase inspection helps you value for your vehicle and for the buyer, you would not be  buying a roach. It takes about 2 hours to do a pre-purchase inspection and is worth your time  and money.

Brake repair components

Types of Brake components utilized in brake repairs:

There are two main types of vehicle braking systems requiring brake repair components:

Disc brakes: Comprised of a rotor attached to the wheel hub directly. The hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder causes the caliper to squeeze the pads on either side of the rotor, and the resistance caused by this stops the vehicle.

Drum brakes: These brake repair components are brake shoes inside a drum that are mounted to the wheel hub. The hydraulic pressure in a drum system causes the shoes to press against the drum, stopping the vehicle.

In addition, vehicles have emergency brakes, which bypass your vehicle’s hydraulic system and use cables to compress the shoes or pads on your vehicle to ‘lock’ the rear wheels.  Most vehicles also have ABS, or anti-lock braking systems. ABS works by ‘pumping’ your brakes repeatedly when the sensor detects wheel locking. This is extremely helpful in slippery conditions.  Rather than holding the pedal down and locking the wheels, which will cause your vehicle to lose traction and steering ability, the ABS will ‘pump’ the brakes and improve traction, allowing you to retain control.

Marigold Service technicians have extensive experience in Victoria brake repair components including disc, drum, emergency and anti-lock.

Victoria Brake Maintenance And Repairs

Brakes are not like they were in the Flintstones cartoon where Fred used his feet to stop his car. When you think that brake maintenance  and repairs can mean the difference between life and death, it makes sense  to pay attention to your brake maintenance. At Marigold Service we provide brake inspections to make sure that your car has the brake maintenance it requires.

Brake Maintenance Warning Signs

All brake maintenance work begins with some warning signs. This can include strange noises, a hard or low pedal feel on pushing your brake pedal or a squeal or vibration in your brakes. When we perform brake maintenance on your vehicle we start with a brake inspection to see how the various brake parts are working or worn. Brake maintenance is important. Waiting for that squealing sound can lead to tragic brake failure.

Brake Maintenance

Properly maintained brakes are a number one priority. If brakes fail for any reason, stopping,
crashing and going over an edge are all a dire probability. For that reason, we check the brakes
and perform any brake maintenance when we do our major oil change. We also have a separate
brake inspection service to make sure that your brake maintenance is up to par.