Ray Attfield - Marigold Service


Ray, the creator and owner of Marigold Service, loves vehicles as well as loving the community of our shop. From the time he was five years old, he has been tearing machinery apart and putting it back together in order to make it work. He has the “Fonzie Touch” for making machines work. His caring attitude towards people and his love of the automobile (no matter what kind) makes him a great Certified Automotive Technician.


Business Administrator

Judith is the business administrator for Marigold Service. She believes  our job is to reduce your repair and maintenance stress with good service and communication.

staff picture


Automotive Service Technician

Jeff is a  cheerful and conscientious automotive technician. He cares about his work

and is a great team member at Marigold Service.


Office Manager
Jennifer, the office manager, is the warm and wonderful service adviser you will meet as soon as you walk into our shop. She is helpful if you would like a cup of coffee, drink of water or your invoice explained both for what has been repaired and what the costs are. She is knowledgeable about automotive anatomy and will carefully explain any detail you don’t understand about your maintenance or repairs.  Jennifer is the glue for the staff, remembering birthdays and anniversaries and without her, Marigold Service would not have such a wonderful family feel to it.
staff in front of tires
staff in front of car tires



Fred is a person who brings interest and conscientiousness to his vehicle repairs. He is a capable automotive apprentice and enhances our team spirit with his smile and cheerful  personality.