Marigold ServiceA muffler has two functions. First, it reduces or modifies the noise coming from the exhaust ports of your engine, and second, it moves exhaust gases from the engine to the tailpipe. A muffler may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but a lot goes on in a typical 9-inch by 5-inch muffler casing. Let’s take a closer look at the types of mufflers and how they work.

Reactive-style Mufflers

Reactive-style mufflers are very common. They typically direct sound waves (in other words, noisy engine exhaust) through a series of pipes, chambers or reflective plates. Before reflection, the sound waves are powerful and are travelling in the same direction, translating into loud noise. Once these waves are reflected, though, they become disorganized and cancel each other out, much like an ocean wave dissipates after crashing onto a rocky shoreline. After reflection and cancellation, the dampened exhaust noise exits through the tailpipe.

Absorptive Mufflers

Absorptive mufflers are the choice of high-performance car enthusiasts who like an aggressive muffler sound. With absorptive mufflers, exhaust gases travel down a straight tube lined with sound-deadening materials towards the tailpipe. Along the way, turbulence is created as some of the sound waves escape into the perforations that contain the absorptive material, turning sound energy into radiant heat. The result is a somewhat-reduced, throaty rumble that some drivers really enjoy.

Combination Mufflers

As the name suggests, combination mufflers combine absorptive and reflective technologies to dampen exhaust noise.

Performance Versus Noise reduction

With mufflers, there is always a trade-off: the more you dampen sound, the more you impact engine performance. While a reactive-style muffler typically excels at dampening sound, it creates a lot of back pressure for the engine, causing a reduction in performance. For most drivers, a quiet, refined ride is well worth a slight reduction in engine power. The lower cost of a reactive-style muffler is appealing, too.

In contrast, an absorptive muffler is all about performance and a distinctive sound. You’ll hear a rumble with an absorptive muffler, but if you enjoy a more aggressive ride, then this is muffler you should choose. It may cost you a bit more, and you may have to deal with a noise violation or two, but the performance is worth it.

If you want the best of both worlds, and you’re willing to pay a little more, a cutting-edge combination muffler may be your best choice.

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