An Ode to Collector, Antique and Vintage Vehicles

We didn’t really see a lot of collector cars until we met a friend and her cars. She has Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes. Paige, Austin, Leyland and more.

My husband, Ray’s eyes lit up as he surveyed her collector and vintage vehicles and started talking about how much he had  read  about them. Since then we have worked on collector, classic and vintage vehicles and have learned to take care of them as though they were our own. Each one is a priceless example of good manufacturing, ingenuity and care.

What defines a collector car? Basically a classic car is a vehicle that is at least twenty years old and no older than forty years. It also needs to be kept in its original design and specifications.

A vintage vehicle is built between 1919 and 1930 and an antique vehicle needs to be at least forty-five years old.

Many people enjoy collecting older vehicles. They are driven in parades, at shows and even do the occasional errand. Driving a classic or antique vehicle feels like a walk through time. It helps you to connect with bygone eras and imagine what the original owners may have felt when they purchased their brand new innovative cars; just as we appreciate our new vehicles today.


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