How is Marigold Service Different from Any Other Independent Service Station?

From appearances walking by or driving by our Marigold Service station, we look like any other independent service garage anywhere. Yet, what is going on inside Marigold has some interesting and helpful differences.

First of all, we value our clients time and their money. We strive to reduce your stress and save you time and money by swiftly communicating the labour and parts required for your repairs or maintenance and if we need to add on anything, you are infomed and must give your consent to any further costs.

Second, we have years of experience. When you check out our team members, you will see that Ray Attfield, owner and creator of Marigold Service has worked on vehicles since his teens. He has decades of information that he uses  at Marigold Service to teach our staff.

Third, our staff also have  many years of combined experience. They have worked both in dealerships and independent garages. They bring their knowledge from a wide range of establishments so that when you bring your vehicle to Marigold Service, it is not unfamiliar to us.

Fourth, our front office staff have years of experience in both dealerships and indendent shops. We seek to provide the best care possible for all of our clients.

Last, our shop is run by the staff, for the staff and they benefit from the profits that come in for their work. We provide sick leave, family leave, emergency leave, professional leave and of course, vacation leave. We believe that if you flatten the hierarchy and teach people how to run a business, everyone thrives and benefits. We all work together to provide the best care for both you and your vehicle.