When you bring in your vehicle for our quarterly annual check up plan, not only do we change the oil every 5,000 kilometers or four months, we have a graduated comprehensive multi point inspection of every part of your vehicle.

Marigold Service

We take off your wheels and inspect your brakes, tires and suspension. We inform you of how much tread is left on your tires and metal left on your brakes. We inspect your fluids to ensure cleanliness and if they need flushes. We look at belts for wear and tear.

We check and replace light bulbs in your signal and licence plates lights. We also inspect your window glass for nicks or damage. By the time we have completed our maintenance service, we are friends with your vehicle and can stay on top of any repairs required.

Marigold Service

In this fashion, you no longer need to be surprised with large repair bills and instead enjoy a wonderful relationship with your vehicle. If you happen to begin your maintenance plan with us when your vehicle does require expensive repairs, we can work with you to prioritize your repairs.

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