Covid19 and Our Changing Work Place at Marigold Service

The Covid19 pandemic has been worrying for all of us. We are concerned for our families and clients health and at the same time, want to provide the warmth and reliability that we have always had here at Marigold Service.

We try to protect both. With our policies and procedures in place for maintaining safe health for all of us, it means that we care a lot for people and their vehicles. Many of our clients feel like friends and family. We have known each other for a while and we have earned your trust and respect. We continue to ask our customers to wear masks and follow all other covid protocols.

Our professionalism and care have increased in these times. We know the importance of keeping you on the road, safe and secure. It is our wish to continue to be of service in all that we do.

We will get through this time by working together to keep you safe and on the road.